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i am developing a QuickSight "table" visual. Two questions here

  1. Conditional Formatting I'd like to display the number (i.e. Error Rate) in different colour based on its value. When defining the format condition, is it possible to use parameter instead of hard coding the value?

  2. Multi-column sorting Let's say the "table" visual has 3 columns. Is it possible to sort on column A first and then column B? I can do single column sorting right now, but not sure how to do multi-column sorting.

Thank you.

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2 Answers

Did you find the answer to the second part of your question about multi column sorting?

answered 9 months ago
Accepted Answer
  1. Create two parameters - thresholdGreen and thresholdRed.

  2. Create Controls for these two parameters as slider type - Threshold_Green and Threshold_Red with Min = 0, Max = 100, Step =1.

  3. Create calculated field "threshold" like this

    ifelse(test <= ${thresholdGreen},0,test >= ${thresholdRed},2,1)

  4. On "error" field, right click and create conditional formatting like follows:

    Format field based on = "threshold"
    Aggregation = "No aggregation"

    Condition #1 Equals 0 ; Color = green

    Condition #2 Equals 1; Color = amber

    Condition #3 Equals 2; Color = red

  5. Apply.

Now you can change conditional formatting dynamically with the controls you created.

Hopefully, you can achieve what you described.

answered 2 years ago

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