user pool client userPoolClientSecret attribute missing


Hi team,

I added a user pool client to my user pool :

 const client  = myUserPool.addClient(
        userPoolClientName: "appClient",
        generateSecret: true,

but I can't access the client's Secret

   const id = client.userPoolClientId;
   const secret = client.????? (userPoolClientSecret this properties is on the CDK doc but cannot find it on the client object 

how can I get userPoolClientSecret from the client?

this what I found on the CDK doc

User Pool clients can generate a client ID as well as a client secret, to support more advanced authentication workflows.

To create a client with an autogenerated client secret, pass the generateSecret: true prop:

const userPoolClient = new cognito.UserPoolClient(this, 'UserPoolClient', {
  userPool: importedPool,
  generateSecret: true,

// Allows you to pass the generated secret to other pieces of infrastructure
const secret = userPoolClient.userPoolClientSecret; //CAN'T find the userPoolClientSecret attribute

also can't find the attribute to specify the client type via the CDK (public client, confidential client, other) like on the IHM

Thank you.

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Accepted Answer

I upgraded the CDK version to the current version: 2.39.0 I can see the userPoolClientSecret property now

it was added since the version: V2.37.0

answered 3 months ago

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