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Cloudwatch count and graph ERROR count in cloudwatch - only getting '1'


Morning, I would like to add a graph of each occurrence of a WARNING in a log stream. I created a metric filter, the pattern "WARNING" and when I test I see all the occurrences. But, when I goto the metrics and graph it, it never goes above 1. So over an hour I see it go .02, .05, 1, etc.

I am trying to do a graph over time and look and see the spikes, etc. so how do I have it count or total etc? Normally 1 warning has 5 or 7 different WARNINGS at that same time so would be great to see that spike to 7, then nothing.

So how do I make that graph work that way or get those values.


asked 2 months ago51 views
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Accepted Answer

Sorry, in more clicking I noticed the cloudwatch has AVG as the default, where I changed to SUM and got it ... Sorry for this one!

answered 2 months ago

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