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/Is there antivirus software recommended to install AWS Linux 2 system?/

Is there antivirus software recommended to install AWS Linux 2 system?


I'm using the following AWS services:: AMI 2 Linux EC2, Load Balancers, SecurityHub, Guard Duty, Lambda, RDS, S3, SES, Route53, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFront, SNS, VPC, ACL, WAF, IAM.

Sometimes, the packages we install and the application we set up, and their dependencies may have security and vulnerability issues. The security and vulnerability issues can either be in a file or the packages we install and can be injected through the websites. To overcome such a scenario we need it in our system.

Can anyone suggest to me any antivirus software available for AWS AMI 2 Linux EC2 instance? also, is there any documentation on how to install the AV on the AWS Linux 2 Linux system?

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ClamAV is a popular open source antivirus:

It can be installed on AL2 from an EPEL repository:

sudo amazon-linux-extras install epel
sudo yum install clamav freshclam clamav-update
answered a month ago

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