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Specifying a stream name when creating a MediaLive Input with the PHP SDK?


I tried creating a MediaLive Input using the PHP SDK and it all works fine but when I went to check my newly created Input on the console, the stream name is looking a little weird. On the application name field, it's showing the IP MediaLive auto-generated for me and on the application instance field is the random string I specified and the url ended up looking like this: rtmp://some_ip/MnFiYLkqYRFw1gamkJb64Z4hEAXTtWEr, what I was hoping to see was something similar to when I create an Input with the console like this: rtmp://some_ip/application_name/application_instance

So, I guess my question is how do I properly specify the application name and instance when using the PHP SDK? Because when I checked the docs the only parameter it accepts is a StreamName, I'd really appreciate the help

asked 3 years ago23 views
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Accepted Answer

I just figured it out, all you really need to do is specify it like so:
'StreamName' => 'application_name/application_instance'

answered 3 years ago

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