Price of disabled Amazon CloudFront Distribution with Dedicated IP Custom SSL


I want to disable an Amazon CloudFront Distribution, to disable current service, but want to enable later with same configuration.

Here is the document about Distribution State I found:

If a Distribution's state is "Disabled", is the requests for the Distribution is not counted as a pricing request? Additional if the disabled Distribution is configured to use dedicated IP custom SSL, does it cost or not?

Here is the document for Dedicated IP Custom SSL :

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If you disable a CloudFront distribution, you won't be able to resolve the DNS associated to it > you will NOT be charged for requests, data transfert, etc.

You will NOT be charged for any Dedicated IP Custom SSL associated to a disabled distribution either, "the charge begins when you associate your SSL/TLS certificate with a distribution and you enable the distribution" [*]. Note that with Dedicated IP Custom SSL, we do not assign a single or set of IPs that don't change to your distribution, we bind a single IP address to each edge location we have client facing and then bind the certificate to that IP address. These IPs rotate frequently and are re-issued via DNS requests against your distribution. If your distribution is disabled, it does not receive any requests, we do not have any IP dedicated to your distribution.


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