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/Missing Public Ip after reboot/

Missing Public Ip after reboot


Hi dear Community,

After an recent reboot my t2.small instance (Win-serv 2008r2) by some reason was not assigned with a Public IP.

I was successfully using it for ages and all worked fine (I did reboots hundred of times without any issues). It means that the reason is not in wrong configuration on my side. VPC, routing table, networks - nothing was change and these used to work till that last reboot.

I've googled the problem and reviewed a lot of AWS documents - I do not see any related answer on my problem. It looks like the most closest case is as following:

(it looks like I faced with exectly the following case:

I've tried all advices from the link (except recreating the instance from a image) - everything looks configured OK but I still can't get a public IP and so CAN'T connect to my device.

Does anybody know what might be a root of cause and a fix for this issue (obtain Public IP back)? Or this is really "Yes, it is possible that AWS screws up" case?

Thanks in advance for any assistance! Dmitry

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Given that nothing has changed on your end I'd encourage you to create a support case. The support team can look at your environment and determine what is failing. As a forum participant, we can't do that.

answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you for your answer! Playing around with this problem I was able to find only that this is directly related to VPC, because even recreating the instance from an image but with the same existing VPC leads to the same issue. I guess that something was broken in AWS internal records that are related to particular VPC or it's part.

    As soon as it is impossible to reassign VPC (or ist's meaningful parts) to an existing instance - the only way is to recreate an instance with the related AMI-image and specifying a NEW VPC!

    At this moment my subscription does not include support service so I can't create the ticket. As there is a workaround - no reason to extend my subscription to create a ticket... AWS will continue to dwell in a cloud of ignorance, unfortunately =)

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