Lambda@Edge - Maximum number of distributions with Lambda function exceeded


I have a Lambda@Edge triggered by a Cloudfront Origin Request that simply removes a part of the resource path before requesting the origin.

My issue here is that I have a lot of distributions (maybe 50) for which I'd like to trigger this Lambda function, but apparently, the only thing I managed to trigger is the:
TooManyDistributionsWithLambdaAssociationsException Completing this action would cause the maximum number of distributions with Lambda function associations per owner to be exceeded (maximum allowed is 25).

Moreover, I am surprised I don't find it in this documentation:

Can I get round these limits somehow?
I'd be grateful if someone could explain it to me!


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"Other Limits" section on [1] talks about this. The link to request a higher limit is also available there.



answered 6 years ago

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