Coursera AWS Cloud Technical Essentials help Exercise 3: Launching an EC2 Instance


Hi All. i am taking AWS Cloud Technical Essentials, and when i try to setup my ec2 instance everything apears to launch. it shows running and 2/2 checks. but i cant get to the public ip, to find the page holder. ive cleared my cache, tried a incognito browser, tried from a separate network all the same results. i also cant ping the public ip. i have followed thru the lab, and all i end up with is "this site cant be reached" . sorry 0 knowledge of virtual systems also im sorry if this is in the wrong place :)

Resolved Just an FYI i dont know why this fixed it but.... i loaded it with a different instance type Amazon Linux 2023 AMI to Amazon Linux 2 AMI and it worked like it was suppose to. thanks

  • Thanks for updating with the resolution. I've also encountered the same problem in the Coursera course. Just reported it as an issue, hope they fix it soon.

  • I also encountered this problem in the Coursera course, AWS Cloud Technical Essentials (Week 2). By following your solution, I managed to make it work by using Amazon Linux 2 AMI (Don't use the default). Thank you.

  • for the Amazon Linux 2023 AMI you should use this code: #!/bin/bash -ex wget unzip cd FlaskApp/ yum -y install python3-pip pip install -r requirements.txt yum -y install stress export PHOTOS_BUCKET=${SUB_PHOTOS_BUCKET} export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=<INSERT REGION HERE> export DYNAMO_MODE=on /usr/local/bin/flask run --host= --port=80

    be aware that you have to insert your region after copying.

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Without knowing more, I would recommend verifying that the security group allows your IP to access the server.

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answered a year ago
  • Carlos thanks for your time! thought about the SG deleted and recreated thru steps got the same thing

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