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EC2 Windows Server integrated with Docker (Linux)?


Hello world. I have question. How I can install Docker on Linux (container) on Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019? Windows Server 2016 is bad idea, because I read this Windows Server 2016 Version (1607) doesn't support Docker (Linux). But Windows Server 2019 supports Docker( Linux) but Ec2 instance needs Hyper-V. But instance with Hyper-V is very expensive. How I can run Docker (linux) not expensive?

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1 Answer

If you are planning to run Linux containers, have you looked at Elastic Container Services? This would be more simpler and easier way to manage deployment of Linux containers on AWS. To get started with ECS you can see our videos and other resources here.

Docker on Windows uses virtual machines to run the Linux containers. To be able to run Docker on Windows with Hyper-V you would need a bare-metal instance.

Do you have a specific need to run the Linux container on Windows?

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answered 5 months ago
  • Yes, I need to use EC2 Instance... I know about ECS and I use it a lot. But I need to configure CI/CD for EC2 Windows Server 2016/2019. "To be able to run Docker on Windows with Hyper-V you would need a bare-metal instance." - is this the only option right?

  • Hi Yurii, right now I the only other method that came into my mind was WSL but WSL1 didn't support Docker and WSL2 is based on Hyper-V so that doesn't solve the issue. So the only option that comes into my mind right now is the bare-metal instances if you can't avoid the requirement to have the Windows Server as based operating system. Hopefully you can avoid that as typically you wouldn't use run Linux containters on Windows hosts, it just adds operational overhead.

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