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When is AlmaLinux Coming To LightSail?


CentOS 8 went end of life December 2021.

When is AWS bringing AlmaLinux to LightSail? The chaps over at Alma advise it's being worked on, but are waiting upon AWS.

asked 6 months ago87 views
2 Answers

As LightSail is out of the box PAAS service. Most of the OS are integrated with some apps like Bitnami Wordpress , nodejs etc. i hope we will see AlmaLinux on LightSail in feature.

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answered 6 months ago

The OS version on lightsail is too old and apparently the AWS team doesn't care about lightsail.

answered 4 months ago
  • Debian 11 was released on August 14, 2021, but lightsail doesn't support this version yet (June 8, 2022).

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