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EC2: Error establishing SSH connection to your instance. Please wait and try again later.


I get this error when I use my browser to attempt to connect to my EC2 instances. I have tried once a week for several weeks. What would cause this error? I am as confused by its vagueness as by anything else.

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asked 9 days ago541 views
2 Answers

I assume you have the keychain? Are you able to connect via SSH using PuTTY or alternative? May be the SSH service isn't running so a restart may be required. Have you tried using SSM?

answered 8 days ago

I am assuming you are either using "EC2 Instance connect" or "Sessions Manager" here. Have you checked if the port 22 is open to allow traffic from your IP? Here are some steps on how to check

1/ Check the inbound security groups of the instance to see if the port is open and allowing traffic from your IP

2/ You could use steps listed in "SSH client" section of connect to see if you can connect from your local machine. This will confirm your instance has connectivity.

3/ If the above step works and you want to connect using EC2 instance connect, verify task 2 and 4 of the following.

4/ If you are using "Sessions Manager" - Check to make sure the following steps are in place -

answered 7 days ago

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