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Can I get a list of iOT topics?


I'm working with IOT services using the Java SDK. The main class I'm using is

Is there a way to get a list of MQTT topics via the SDK? I can see that there is a function to listTopicRules, but I don't see anything to list the topics themselves.

Thanks, Frank

  • I found some sample code that uses a class called "". However, this package doesn't seem to exist anymore; it's not in the documentation or available in my project.

3 Answers

MQTT topics are ephemeral in that clients simply specify them in publish and subscribe operations. The service does not provide APIs listing topics that your clients are currently using. For reserved service topics defined by AWS IoT services, you can refer to

answered 7 months ago

Thanks. Regardless of the list of topics, which client or package do I need to publish and subscribe?

I'm a bit confused about the AWS client in general. There seems to be a 1.x version and a 2.x version. I assumed I should use the 2.x version, but most of the examples I can find don't work; I think it's because they're written against the 1.x API. What should I do?

answered 7 months ago

You should favor 2.x version. Which AWS IoT SDK are you using?

answered 6 months ago

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