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Why My EC2 Ubuntu Linux instance status showed "1/2 checks passed"? How to solve this issue?


I am using EC2 Ubuntu 20.04 Linux instance (t2.micro). After 3/4 days, My instance status showed "1/2 checks passed". I have some small websites running in this instance. When this message appears, I cannot able to access those websites. Currently, each time I reboot my instance, and after some time, the status checked showed 2/2 checks passed. Then, I can able to access my website. Rebooting after 3/4 days at regular intervals is very painful. Please help me to solve my issue.

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I understand that you are encountering a 1/2 status check error for some of your Ec2 instances.

Instance status checks failure is usually caused by the following issue:

*Failed system status checks

*Incorrect networking or startup configuration

*Exhausted memory, etc

For more information regarding instance status checks you can review the attached document[1]

To troubleshoot this issue further,, I would recommend that you make use of the known AWS tools such as Ec2Rescue to Restore your instances from Last Known Good Configuration. Here are the steps that you can use to achieve this:

• Launch a helper instance in the same subnet and VPC • Detach volume of the faulty instance and attach it on the helper instance • Download Ec2Rescue • Select the disk of the newly mounted volume and choose Next. • Confirm the disk selection and choose Yes. • Choose the offline instance option to perform and choose Next. • Then they should choose Restore from Last Known Good Configuration • When done click next until the end and detach and attach the volume to the original instance and wait for the status checks Additionally, you can review the instance screenshot to see whether there are any boot errors causing your instance to fail instance status checks, this can be reviewed using the steps mentioned here:

I hope this helps.




answered 2 months ago

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