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hello, I had initially created an AWS account with my personal email address, then with an employer, I had to create a second account that I use the most but with a corporate email address. soon my contract ends with this employer and I would like to change my email address. only, when I enter my personal email, there is a conflict and I cannot go further. Can anybody help me?

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It sounds like you're trying to change the email address of your AWS account associated with your employer to your personal email, but AWS is flagging a conflict because your personal email is already associated with an existing AWS account. Here are the steps you can follow to resolve this:

1. Backup and Safety: Before making any changes, ensure you have backups of any critical data. Account-related changes are sensitive, and you should always prepare for contingencies.

2a. Option 1: Change Email on Personal AWS Account: Since your personal email is associated with your first AWS account, you'll need to free up that email address by changing that first, then you can use it on the other account.

2b. Option 2: Use Plus Addressing and Change the Email on Employer AWS Account: For example, if your email address was, you might try Plus addresses will still deliver to your main email box, but is sufficiently distinct for AWS.

3. Remember Other Linked Services: If you have other AWS-related services or third-party services linked to your AWS account, ensure they're updated to recognize the email address change, if necessary.

4. AWS Support: If you encounter any challenges or are unsure about a step, reach out to AWS Support. They can provide guidance specific to your situation.

5. Final Thoughts: After the contract ends and if you no longer need the AWS resources from the employer's account, consider shutting down unused services to avoid any unnecessary charges.

I hope this helps! Changing account details can be tricky, but it's manageable with the right steps. Best of luck!

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