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AWS Transfer Cloud Formation Network Settings


I am working on a CF template to deploy a AWS Transfer server. I am using EndPointType=VPC and I need to be able to specify the IP's of the network interfaces for two subnets.

From the I can see that I need to use the AddressAllocationIds statement.

This only appears to be possible via the UpdateServer API. I guess I need to call the UpdateServer API after the AWS::Transfer::Server block in the template? Is there an example of this available anywhere?

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Accepted Answer

You may specify the AddressAllocationIds as part of your template without needing to make additional calls outside of CloudFormation.

    Type: AWS::Transfer::Server
      EndpointType: VPC
          - Fn::GetAtt: ElasticIP.AllocationId
          - Ref: Subnet
          Ref: VPC
answered 8 months ago
  • Hi Kevin thanks for your reply. I'm a little confused about the naming here. I am not trying to assign elastic IP's, I just want to assign IP's from each of the subnets that I have specified? I want to be sure that the IP's will not change over time. The transfer server is not internet facing.

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