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/Device Farm: Provisioning a device with a work profile/

Device Farm: Provisioning a device with a work profile


Hello, I want to know if is possible to test an Android work profile provisioning in Device Farm with a private device, I guess in a public device is not possible because they have a profile of Amazon and I've tried. Can you help me confirming if this is possible, mean if with one of this kind (private or public devices) is it possible, and if is possible, What steps I have to follow?

1 Answers

**Short Answer **: Yes

Long Answer : is described below.

  • By default when using Amazon Device Farm service with public devices, we normally resign the app using Amazon profile. For information on this process is described in FAQ : Do you modify my app?
  • When using ADF privates devices you can use profile. How?
answered 4 months ago

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