SNS Text SMS being blocked by carrier


I want to use aws SNS to send OTP to users but getting this error. Followed this documentation

{ "notification": { "messageId": "<uniqueid>", "timestamp": "2023-10-16 10:47:19.525" }, "delivery": { "mnc": 59, "numberOfMessageParts": 1, "destination": "+9194********", "priceInUSD": 0.00278, "smsType": "Transactional", "mcc": 404, "providerResponse": "Phone carrier has blocked this message", "dwellTimeMs": 24, "dwellTimeMsUntilDeviceAck": 1291 }, "status": "FAILURE" }

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1 Answer

If you have completed all the steps from 1 to 3 as per the documentation, kindly check the MessageAttributes parameter where you will be passing the SenderID, EntityID & TemplateID are in correct format.

Reference -

answered 8 months ago

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