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Two subnets attached to any new resources we create that aren't related to our account


Recently tried to create a new database and other resources but they all fail. Reason being is they keep being attached to two subnets not on our account. Or at least subnets we can't see/control.

  • subnet-0ab2af4c2b244bb3d
  • subnet-0c887e580214ba746

Have no idea where these subnets came from or why our current database has these attached to it as well but definitely didn't attach them. We haven't made changes to this account in so long either and its definitely a new issue.

Hopefully someone from amazon reads this that can look into our account but at this point it looks like we have to abandon this account in question.

Partly related to that, these errors are also fun: Rate exceeded (Service: AmazonRDS; Status Code: 400; Error Code: Throttling; Request ID: 67a1ac01-898f-471d-ace3-2ebc5666df90; Proxy: null)

1 Answer

Perhaps those subnets are shared resources from other accounts and some settings in those subnets are preventing you from creating resources. You could check this by going to Resource Access Manager and listing resources under "Shared with Me." You could then contact the administrator of the account specified therein and try addressing the issue.

answered 9 months ago
  • Nope, no shared resources. Like literally there is no where in AWS where these subnets are listed yet they auto attach. With no ability to remove or even see them how can they even be part of our account to begin with?

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