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Robomaker doesn't push docker images into ECR


I'm following the helloworld tutorial in the Developer guide, I have added the Dockerfile and and runned all the terminal command, but when I run the command:

docker push $ecruri/$simapp

the output I obtain is the following:

50b01f0b27b7: Retrying in 1 second

397a6b9fcc38: Retrying in 1 second


b97da005ff37: Waiting



And the repository is empty. (The same goes for $robotapp)

Any ideas?

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Accepted Answer

A few things that could be causing this issue:

  1. You didn't create the Amazon ECR repository before pushing (or you created it in a different region).
  2. Your permissions aren't set properly. Make sure you are using the proper AWS credentials and that those credentials have permissions to push to ECR.

If you have AWS CloudTrail set up, you will be able to see further details on your issue in the CloudTrail event logs. For details on setting up logging with CloudTrail, see the documentation on Logging ECR actions with CloudTrail.

answered 5 months ago
  • It was a problem related to the permissions, thank you very much!

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