How to enable Logical Replication for existing Aurora PG 13 Cluster?


We are considering enabling logical (streaming) replication on our existing Aurora PG 13 cluster for CDC?

We want to keep our aurora read replicas as is, but I haven't found good resource that explains how to achieve both, OR what is the implication for existing read replicas.

Our current understanding is that we might have to stand up 2x current nodes in our cluster which would be way too expensive for us.

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You can enable logical replication by setting the parameter rds.logical_replication parameter in Cluster Parameter group. There will not be any impact on the existing Aurora replicas/reader instances in the cluster. Additionally, you do not need to add new instances in the cluster just because the logical replication is enabled.

Refer -

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Thank you for reaching out. Since you mentioned CDC, I will also recommend you to review this document since it provides guidance on the enabling Logical replication for CDC. [Using a PostgreSQL database as an AWS DMS source - Enabling change data capture (CDC) using logical replication -

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  • Thanks @arnab, the intention is to run CDC indefinitely (i.e we are not just migrating DB), does DMS still solve the problem cleanly and cost effectively?

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