Can I trigger a lambda function to execute based on a change to a user in amazon connect?


I have a lambda function that gets all current user data for our customer. I want to run this file and save the data to s3 every time a change to an agent is made in the Amazon connect interface. Is this possible? I can schedule the file to execute periodically but this is a customer request.

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it is possible to trigger a Lambda function based on a change to a user in Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect can publish events to Amazon EventBridge when certain actions are taken, such as when an agent is added or updated.

You can set up an EventBridge rule to match the specific event you are interested in and have it trigger your Lambda function. The Lambda function can then retrieve the current user data for the customer and save it to S3.

To set up the EventBridge rule, you can use the Amazon Connect Console or the AWS SDKs. In the console, navigate to the "Events" tab and create a new rule with the desired event pattern. In the SDKs, you can use the PutRule API to create the rule and the PutTargets API to specify the Lambda function as the target.

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answered 10 months ago

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