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Ability to pre-populate username and password fields


The console login allows to be pre-populated with the Account ID (via https://<ACCOUNT-ID> but not with the username and/or password. I am conscious that this might have security implications but I am often using the AWS Sandbox of a popular AWS learning platform which uses randomly generated usernames and passwords for their logins and it would be great if one could use a URL like https://<ACCOUNT-ID> where the username 123 would then be placed in the "IAM user name" form field, similar to the account ID.

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I will share it with you for your reference.

I use 1 password to login to the management console. [1]

[1] Password management tool for families, businesses, and teams | 1Password

With 1 password, you can enter your Account ID, username, password, etc. with 1 click.
However, please note that there is a fee for 1 password.

There is another way to log in using scraping, which I found in an article in Japanese. [2]

[2] Automating AWS Console Login with Python selenium (Scraping Web Screens with Python) - Qiita

I hope this is helpful.

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answered 18 days ago

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