【Insufficient capacity】I can't start instance after scheduled for retirement


Hi, instance type: m1.large root device type: EBS

I can't start instance after scheduled for retirement (2023-02-02 02:00:00 UTC) error: Insufficient capacity.

please teach me.

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2 Answers

"Insufficient capacity" is pretty much what is says - there isn't enough capacity to launch your instance. Normally I'd recommend trying a different Availability Zone.

But in this case, the instance was retired - that is, taken out of service. See the documentation for more information.

Also: m1 instances are very old - the latest generation is now m6 (which were introduced in 2021). In general you'll get better price/performance by using a later generation instance so we encourage you to upgrade.

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answered a year ago

Thank you. I was able to resolve this issue by changing the instance type.

answered a year ago

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