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Getting connections error when updating Power BI table from AWS source


Hello, could you please advice what is the issue? Power BI is throwing the following error when refreshing data from AWS? ODBC: ERROR [08S01] [Simba][DriverIAMSupport] (8600) Connection Error: SAML assertion not found. I have installed the latest version of Power BI desktop, simba athena driver, gateway personal mode, ODBC test connection successful, but non of these actions helped. Thanks for your help.

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I understand that you are getting error : "ODBC: ERROR [08S01] [Simba][DriverIAMSupport] (8600) Connection Error: SAML assertion not found" from PowerBI console.

Seems this error could not be an issue either with the SAML or the ODBC driver itself - but i am not 100% sure at this stage with the available information. Generally we do get connection error with SAML assertion with miss-configurational setup or it is getting SAML messages it is not expecting. Further you can check these also:

  1. Kindly check if there is any incorrect DSN connection configuration parameters in ODBC Data Source Administrator.

  2. Sometimes the ODBC driver incorrectly parses the connection url and cut the url if there is an = sign. To make sure this is not the cause of the issue, can you “escape the url using the mechanism described in the specification in [1]”. Kindly escape the equal signs by replacing = with {=} and check if you are able to establish the connection.

You can follow this detailed steps to Access Athena from PowerBI.

answered 2 months ago

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