Creating an S3 Glacier Deep Archive vault with the CLI


I would like to create a Glacier Deep Archive to store a good chunk of files that I will rarely, if ever, access, and in such circumstance, I can wait a couple of days until the files are retrieved. So I would like to use Glacier Deep Archive.

Checking the documentation, the only way to create vaults with the CLI that I've found is:

aws glacier create-vault --vault-name my_vault_name --account-id 123456789012

Then in the Glacier management console, I can't find what type of storage my vault is (Instant Retrieval, Flexible Retrieval, Deep Archive).

Two questions: where can I find the information about the type of storage for existing vaults, and how can I make sure my vault is a Deep Archive one?

Many thanks in advance.

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Please see the documentation here on how to set the S3 storage class -

Please use the S3 console to check the current storage class of your objects

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You can utilize Glacier either through the Glacier API which you are using in your example, or through the S3 Storage Classes for Glacier Flexible Retrieval and Glacier Deep Archive (GDA). Glacier Deep Archive is only available as an S3 Storage Class. To use GDA can either specify the Glacier Deep Archive storage class when you upload the data or you can configure lifecycle rules to move data from other storage classes to GDA.

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