How to refresh an SES domain that has failed verification


For Amazon SES, If a domain in the Pending state is not verified within 72 hours it goes into the Unverified (Failed) state. If the DKIM records are configured it will not automatically be verified. There is a "Retry" option in the console that puts the domain back in the pending state so that it will be verified. The question is how can the Retry be triggered via the API?

The only option I can see is to delete and re-add it. Is there are cleaner or proper way of doing it?

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There is no API Call to 'retry' the Domain verification process through API Calls. In the case of domian re-verification via API call, you would first need to 'delete' the domain using 'DeleteIdentity' API call and then attempt to verify the domain again using the 'VerifyDomainIdentity' API call

DeleteIdentity -

VerifyDomainIdentity -

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I am just following up. I found another post that said it could be done with Version1 of the API by calling VerifyDomainDkim(). I tried it out and it worked perfectly.

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