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Is there a way to sync Athena notebooks with Git for version control? (Preferably with bitbucket, otherwise github or some other version control software to mange code.) If so, could you please send any specific details? Also, are Athena Notebooks stored in an S3 bucket? How can we determine specifically where the notebooks are stored? Thanks so much!

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As far as I know, I don't think there is a way to directly integrate with GitHub.
Since you can export a notebook file, you will need to download the file from there.

The calculation results are saved in S3.

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answered 19 days ago
  • Thanks. Yes, we have been manually exporting each notebook one at a time and manually syncing with a git source. We would like to automate this process. Do you know how we can find the location(s) of the notebooks in our environment? We are hoping to write a script to help automate parts of this git sync process. Thanks!

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