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mwaa pipeline scheduling issue


hi all,

I have a Dag that I schedule to run every quarterly using: 'schedule_interval='@quarterly', but for some reason it runs every day. I don't see the run in managed airflow UI but the operator is been executed (the pipeline delete some file and I can see its been deleted everyday). can you help me find the reason it happen?

additional information: the start date is schedule to the begging of the year and the catchup=False.

  • start_date: datetime(2022, 1, 1),
  • catchup=False,
1 Answer


A newly added DAG will generally run once, even with catchup=False, if there was a valid run time since start_date. To avoid this, set start date to the next run time you wish.

If there were failures and retries are enabled, that may account for the addition downstream executions. To confirm you can check your dag run history to see if there were any additional runs.


answered 2 months ago
  • hey, thank you for your response. this isn't a new DAG, it's an old DAG that had a cron schedule (0 0 1 */3 *) and I changed it to @quarterly, and just to make sure it aligned with all the other DAGS I changed the start date to -datetime(2022, 1, 1). is it possible that the dag runs without any documentation in the airflow UI? I attached a snippet that shows that no runs were executed even dough I know that it did run. *UPDATE- it seems that there is no place to add snippet.

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