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Failed to describe Instance. An unknown error has occurred


I am unable to access my EC2 instance from the instance list, in order to terminate it. The message I see is 'Failed to describe instance i-0dc43742188d8aea1'. I am unable to terminate this and it is continuously charging me, is there something I can do to terminate it?

asked 3 months ago42 views
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Was able to access my instances from my phone on a different network. All good now! Thanks to AWS support for asking me to try that.

Looks like the error message was due to my network/browser interfering with Something along those lines.

answered 3 months ago

Can you provide some more details about your set-up?

When you say "I am unable to access my EC2 instance", how are you trying to access the EC2 machine? Are you trying to ssh into it? If so, are you going over the internet, because from what you have mentioned, you seemed to have removed the IPSec VPN connection from your corporate network to AWS. If that is correct, can you check if the security groups for the EC2 machine allows SSH traffic from the internet? Earlier, you may have connected from your corporate network's CIDR range and that may have been allowed in the security group.

When you say "I am unable to terminate this", are you trying to terminate the EC2 machine from the AWS console?

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answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks for the reply. I am strictly referring to when I navigate to EC2 > Instances, the list says "An unknown error occured" as opposed to showing the list of my instances.

    I am worried now because I am being charged for the instance, but I cannot terminate it at all or open a support ticket since I am on a Basic Plan :(

  • If you cannot access from the console, have you tried from the AWS CLI -

  • My Instance is on Canada ca-central-1 which doesn't seem to have the CLI option

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