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I have a problem launching a new EC2 instance with Ubuntu 22.04. The main problem is that when I create a new key pair, this download the ppk, but when I add the ppk to Putty, this fails because the ppk is not valid.

To connect via SSH I follow the way that I always used to connect to my other instances (also with ubuntu). Host "ubuntu@MYIP" port "22" Connection type "SSH" and in SSH>Auth I add the ppk file with the key pair

The weird thing is that when I add it to filezilla with the same conf, this work perfectly.

Someone had the same problem and knows how to solve it?

(I create 5 instances with 5 key pairs, and the problems was the same in all)

Thank u

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2 Answers

First, ensure the keypair is correct and associated to the Instance. If correct, you can follow the steps on the documentation Connect to your Linux instance from Windows using PuTTY to connect to the Instance.

Note if the .ppk keypair is not working, retry creating a .pem key then Convert your private key using PuTTYgen to connect to the Instance

If the issue persists. Feel free to Contact AWS Premium Support

answered 2 years ago

I briefly tested connecting to an AMI2 EC2 machine via Ubuntu on my laptop. I encountered a number of problems trying to connect with SSH. One was solved by ensuring the ssh key had rw or read only permission to the owher only (rw------- or r-------- permissions). I think it's an SSH v3 feature. The users home directory should also be tied down to the user only.

I'm not sure about AWS Ubuntu instances, but also make sure you connect to your cloud machine using the correct username.

Best of luck

answered 2 years ago

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