Route 53 update Name Server Automatically


I bought a domain from Gabia which is the domain seller site.

After that I just wanna change host server to Route 53

Also, I've changed 4 name servers that Route 53 given to Gabia host site.

2days after that Route 53 update Name Server Automatically..

It makes our all services shut all down now.

I just wanna make route 53 hostting name server fixed.

how can I fix it?

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If you want Gabia to remain your registrar, while using Route 53 as your hosting service, the steps to take are at

When the public hosted zone is created in Route 53 it will be created with 4 NS records, these need be updated on Gabia's side to be the new NS records for your domain. From your question it sounds like you have already done that. Has it propagated? When you do a whois on your domain - just visit - are the nameservers the old Gabia records or the new ones in AWS?

You also need to have replicated all the records (A-records, CNAMEs, etc.) into the Route 53 hosted zone, so that when the AWS nameservers start being used the records will continue to be resolved successfully.

Though I cannot read Korean, this blog appears to show the steps required to migrate the hosting of a domain from Gabia to Route 53

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answered 3 months ago

The issue here could be anywhere, unfortunately you have not mentioned the domain name for a quick look. First we need to find out if the delegation from the parent/seller side is done right. For that, could you please check the following DNS query outputs Suppose your domain name is

dig com NS

the above command will show all the Name servers for .com domain, pick one NS from the list and do the next query dig @pickedNS NS +norec

This command should show the AWS provided Name servers and the correct IPs, if not there is a config issue and you need to work with your seller to fix it. if the above command returns correctly then pick one among the AWS provided name server and query an available DNS record in your hosted zone.

Dig @awsNameServer

If it return the answer correctly, there is no issue with domain hosting, if it returns an error, depending on the error it could be a configuration issue Please provide the output to check further.

answered 3 months ago

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