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Need help troubleshooting Athena/ODBC error


I have a customer who is trying to use ODBC to connect to Athena. They have followed this documentation for "Configuring ODBC Connections on a NonWindows Machine" setup:

Connectivity works fine on macOS when AuthenticationType=IAM credentials.

Have issues getting it to work with AuthenticationType=IAM Profile as suggested here

I have re-produced Customer setup. The following is the error that I get while using AuthenticationType=IAM Profile

[Simba] [DriverIAMSupport] (8600) Connection Error: No AWS profile found: default

Has anyone come across this error ? Kindly help, thanks.

asked 2 years ago247 views
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Accepted Answer

This error occurs when the profile set in the ODBC AwsProfile keyword is missing from .aws/credentials. In this particular case you've either set AwsProfile=default or didn't specify a profile and its its looking for the profile named default in the credentials file.

You should configure the credentials in the in .aws/ credentials files according the cli documentation here.

then setup or odbc.ini similar to:

[ODBC Data Sources]
Athena=Simba Athena ODBC Driver
AuthenticationType=IAM Profile


While the information above is correct, in this particular instance the issue was with Excel and the MacOS Application Sandboxes. Microsoft Excel is Sandboxed and is unable to read the path ~/.aws/credentials to retrieve the profile credentials. A work around is to create a .aws directory inside the Excel sandbox directory and then hard link the credentials file. This will work around the issue and still use the original credentials file.

mkdir  ~/Library/Containers/
ln ~/.aws/credentials  ~/Library/Containers/
answered 2 years ago

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