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I need export Once EC2 Instance but show error message "This instance has multiple volumes attached"


Hello Everyone,

I'm newer user as try upload to cloud first time, I need to try import and export Centos OVA as my exercise.

I successfully import VMware OVA but when I export Instance back to OVA fail.

When I execute command :

aws ec2 create-instance-export-task --instance-id i-XXXXXXXXXXXX --target-environment vmware --export-to-s3-task file://E:\AWS_installer\file.json

but retune me error message below:

An error occurred (NotExportable) when calling the CreateInstanceExportTask operation: This instance has multiple volumes attached. Please remove additional volumes.

This is my json file: ` {

"ContainerFormat": "ova",

"DiskImageFormat": "VMDK",

"S3Bucket": "zimbra-s3-1",

"S3Prefix": "/vms"

} `

I need remove another data volumes as single OS volumes? why I can't export multiple volumes as once OVA?

Thanks a lot of your effort reply.

Luke Kan

asked 6 months ago160 views
1 Answer

Hi Luke,

As per the AWS Import/Export documentation You can't export an instance that has more than one virtual disk.

If you need the data from the volumes, you can copy it to the root volume or import the volumes to Amazon EBS.

answered 6 months ago

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