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While building a chatbot in Lex, the closing response gives 3 options at most. I want more as I have more than 3 options given in the slot for a potential customer to choose from. Is there a way to have more closing options in Lex than 3? For example if a customer chooses any state from the 50 states in US, I need to feed it a response for every state but I am given only 3 options. Can anyone give any direction?

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Can you please specify which response you are referring to? If you have sample code, could you share it? Lex offers various types of responses, including the initial response, responses from slot prompts, response cards, and closing responses.

If you are using a slot prompt to request the user to provide a slot and then sending a message group in response [1], you can consider generating a dynamic response using a Lambda function. Please let me know if I am misunderstanding your questions. If you can share some code or a link to the tutorial you are following, I can better understand the context of your question. Below is a simplified version of your Python code that dynamically generates responses based on the selected state:

def generate_response(selected_state):
    state_responses = {
        'Alabama': 'Response for Alabama',
        'Alaska': 'Response for Alaska',
        # ... (include responses for all 50 states)
        'Wyoming': 'Response for Wyoming'

    # Check if the selected state is in the dictionary
    if selected_state in state_responses:
        return state_responses[selected_state]
        return 'Default response for unknown state'

# Example usage:
selected_state = 'California'  # Replace with the actual selected state
response = generate_response(selected_state)


answered 3 months ago

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