Transit GW: Using VPC Security Groups



We are looking at potentially implementing Transit GW (as opposed to VPC peering). However, one of the nice security features of VPC Peering is the ability to define Security Groups rules from another account, as referenced here:

The peer VPC can be a VPC in your account, or a VPC in another AWS account. To reference a security group in another AWS account, include the account number in Source or Destination field; for example, 123456789012/sg-1a2b3c4d.

What we like about this capability is that we can define which EC2 instances can connect to our RDS Instances in another account.

Is there an equivalent construct / design approach for TGW?


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Security group referencing feature is currently not available with Transit Gateway.

Once the feature is released you will see it here:

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  • Do you know if its on the roadmap? Any projected timelines?


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