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I have searched far and wide and tried several of the proposed solutions to similar problems but I have had no luck.

I have an S3 Bucket that goes through CloudFront, I have linked this via a record set to my Route 53 Domain which was registered via Route 53.

If I test the record set using the test button on the AWS Console it says it is fine, however if you try and connect to the domain my browser gives DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

My base domain is with pointing to the cloud front distribution.

Any help would be great!


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I can't confirm that your entire configuration is correct, but I did see that the NS record in the hosted zone and the domain registration are both using the wrong name servers.

When you create a hosted zone, Route 53 assigns four name servers to that hosted zone. When you create another hosted zone, Route 53 assigns four different name servers to that hosted zone. Based on the current settings, I'd guess that you:
~ Deleted one hosted zone
~ Created another hosted zone
~ Changed the NS record in the new hosted zone to use the name servers from the domain registration, which has the name servers from the old hosted zone

Here's how you fix that:

  1. Get the name servers that Route 53 assigned to the new hosted zone. See "Getting the Name Servers for a Public Hosted Zone" in the Route 53 Developer Guide:

  1. Update the NS record in the new hosted zone to use the name servers that you got in step 1. See "Editing Records":

  1. Update the domain registration to use the name servers that you got in step 1. See "Adding or Changing Name Servers and Glue Records for a Domain":

On a related note, you might also want to take a peek at "Getting Started," which explains how to use Route 53, S3, and CloudFront to distribute your content:

There are several versions of that explanation floating around in various docs; this is my favorite. :-)


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Hello Scott,

Thank you for you excellent and speedy answer! I think I did delete and remake the hosted zone at some point when I wasn't using the domain.

I'll assume this will work (Waiting on the name space change taking effect :) ) so I'll mark this as answered.

p.s. I think I saw your solution posted somewhere else but the instructions weren't clear, so thank you very much for making it understandable!

answered 5 years ago

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