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Amazon SES: is is possible to send emails via SMTP interface leveraging SES email templates? If so, I would appreciate some links where I can find more information how to do it. Of course, it is possible to send templated emails using SDK/CLI, the question is how to do it using SMTP interface.

Thanks, Mariusz

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Hi, @Mariusz

You cannot render the template through the SMTP interface.
You need to do send-templated-email through the AWS SDK / AWS API.

However, you can also send the rendered body by SMTP by rendering from the template using test-render-template in the AWS SDK before sending by SMTP.
However, there seems to be a rate limit of one per second.

Alternatively, you can send it to another alternative destination with SES + SMTP as shown below, and convert it to template rendering transmission with AWS SDK by custom processing such as Lambda.

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answered 2 years ago

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