RDS r6g: no instances of the requested class available



I have been waiting to finish a migration from one Aurora MySQL Cluster from r5 to the new r6g but so far only one of the nodes did the change the other one receives the following error:

We're sorry, your request to modify DB instance ---------- has failed.
Cannot modify the instance class because there are no instances of the requested class available in the current instance's availability zone.
Please try your request again at a later time.

Does anyone know how much longer I should have to wait before there is capacity? I have been trying for weeks.
Region: us-east-2 (Ohio)
AZ: us-east-2a
AZ ID: use2-az1


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Sorry about the delay getting back to you. This was indeed a misconfiguration in that region that we were working on getting fixed. It should now be possible to create in/scale in to use2-az1 when using the default VPC tenancy. We're still working on enabling dedicated tenancy capacity for r6g.

Let us know if you continue to see this issue. We'll also be working on better automation/monitoring to avoid these kind of problems in the future.

answered 2 years ago


Yes, thank you! I have been able to change the RDS instance type to the new r6g without problems.

Thanks again.

answered 2 years ago

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