Instance is in running state, status checks are passed but site is not connecting


I have t2.medium instance that remains in running state, status checks are also passed, but my site doesn't accept traffic. Now when I stop-start my instance, site starts working. This happens every now and then, after some weeks. I have seen logs, nothing's in there as well. Once CPU usage was 35% when this happened, and once it was 17%. Other than that I could not find any un-usuality.

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Hi As per your issue, please check the available free RAM in your instance when your website stop working, also the the inode in your ec2 machine. If both things are ok, then run curl -I [your domain name] from your local system and also run this command from ec2 instances. may be possible your website stop working in your particular network. If both output was same and status code is 200 then try to change your instance class to r6i.large or r5.large.

Hope these troubleshooting steps will help you to resolve this issue.

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answered a year ago

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