systemd in nextjs


in EC2 my repo, I manually typed

yarn set version stable
yarn db:deploy
yarn build

I could ping EC2 public ip to view my web app

But when I use systemd cd /home/ec2-user/repo && yarn && yarn db:deploy && yarn build && yarn start It always fail

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It's hard to understand what you are trying to achieve, but if you like to create a unit file for systems which will start your nextjs application you can use this as template and this as step by step instructions.

Hope it helps

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answered 17 days ago
  • The problem I am facing is that when I ssh to the instance, and type 'yarn', the command is found, but when used in script in systemd, or ApplicationStart in codedeploy, it always complain yarn: command not found.

  • It could be because yarn is intalled in the homedir of specific user and systemd is trying to run it from the different user.

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