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A question and an issue about Sumerian


Question: Is AWS Sumerian actively being developed or has it been or will be abandoned? I've noticed quite a few tutorials have been removed. Issue: I've been setting up javascript app Im testing it to using some old tutorials using IndeterminateLoading function. I'm getting error "Missing Authentication Token". If Sumerian has been abandoned just let me know that and I'll cut my losses no reason to figure out a new platform if it not going to be around long.

  • Tagging onto this thread - the slack channel is closed, and Sumerian is no longer in the Twitter bios of people like Jake Smeester and Preston Tamkin. I'm thinking the product team has been closed and the people redeployed. I've been working on my side project for ages, with Sumerian intended as the front end. I could really use some clarification on this so I know whether to switch to a different platform. Thanks.

  • I'm going to say its not actively being managed. Its very frustrating when people are asking the question and they are just ignoring as if that's better than just saying "sorry guys, we're not working on this product anymore". Even before I asked I found the old forum before rePost where users had asked the same question and it was also ignored there. They have deleted tutorial documents and tutorial videos are critically outdated. I'm going to migrate to another platform before spending anymore time on pulling threads of issues that never stop. The funny thing is I was actually planning to dive deeper into AWS certs but now probably not so much. This is exactly why I steer away from platform specific certs because they could disappear and be replaced at any time.

asked 9 months ago44 views
2 Answers

Let's figure out where the issue is occurring, because there are several spots it may be lurking: it could be in the Sumerian service itself or Amplify (in which case it's a regression and we'll fix it), or it could be an outdated tutorial, or the browsers may have caused a breaking change. You wrote:

I've been setting up javascript app Im testing it to using some old tutorials using IndeterminateLoading function. I'm getting error "Missing Authentication Token".

Two things we need from you to help root cause the issue:

  1. Can you post the entirety of the console log you're seeing? There may be other errors that are indicative of the source of the issue.
  2. Can you post a link to the tutorial you're following?
answered 9 months ago

This sounds like a configuration issue with Amplify and not in Sumerian, unfortunately. Are you able to join the Amplify Discord ( ) and maybe we can get you some realtime debugging of where it may be going wrong?

answered 9 months ago
  • Hey James, it ended up not being a Amplify issue. There is something wrong with the code from that old Sumerian tutorial. I used a different tutorial that just displays the scene and it works fine. The indetermindateloading function or something else in the Sumerian tutorial seems to be outdated. Which bring me back to my original question. Is Sumerian still being actively developed and is it worth the time to figure out and learn or is it being decomm'd?

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