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Windows 2008 IIS .net with no code change


I have two servers to migrate to AWS. Can I migrate a Windows 2008 IIS .net without the need to change the app code? Or minimum changes. And about SQL Server 2008 which tool must I use?

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Hi ,@Carlos Bemquerer

You can probably migrate without changing your app code.
But for simple .NET applications. Be careful if you are calling native DLLs or calling OS integrated functions.

First of all, Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008 have support life cycle issues, so it is better to use the upgraded version in the migrated AWS environment.
However, as long as the version of .NET Framework does not change, in many cases it will work without changing the application code. Of course you need a test.

It's a good idea to select a supported OS that matches your current .NET Framework version.

As for the database, you can host SQL Server on Amazon EC2 or choose SQL Server on Amazon RDS as the engine.
However, in either case, 2008 is not supported, so a version upgrade is required.
If there is T-SQL code dependent on the version of SQL Server, it may not be compatible. Then you need to fix it.

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answered 14 days ago

You could consider using AWS Application Migration Service to lift and shift your servers - This tool will replicate the entire server using disk block replication to EC2. Windows Server 2008 is supported

As @iwasa mentioned with the OS being end of life you will no longer be getting security updates so after migrating you should consider upgrading the components. EG using the .net porting assistant to convert to .NET core and being able to host the application as a container in ECS.

answered 14 days ago

Thanks to all. Good news, I will start my project and pretending upgrade system after migration. There are many tools to migrate and many solutions to anchor de app and it let us little confused. This direct way let me more confidence, since it is my first AWS project. I will preserve this recomendations as a bible.

answered 14 days ago

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