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Workspace date & time whilst having the instance open



Having the Amazon Workspace application open on my running ( 24/7 ) machine, shows the right time in Excel formula =NOW(), however, if I do not have the application open, the time inside excel shows 1 hour behind, each time my script is running on the virtual machine, although the published sheets ( as html ) time save shows the right one.

Any idea what's going on or why is this happening?

Pictures attached to see the time when the script was running, what excel file shows inside of =NOW() and time & date of saved files from excel.

Date & time showed in task scheduler

Date & time showed in excel sheet with forumula =now()

Saved excel sheets as html date & time

Any help is appreciated! I need the time to show right even if I m logged in on my personal laptop to that application and if I m not.

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Hello. Apparently, virtual machine has group policy to update the timezone to the one on my local machine and even if I change the date & time or the timezone on the AWS, once I close the application it's forced to go back to default, then back to my local one once logged in.

My workaround was trough registry files: HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Teradici\PCoIPAgent\ConsoleTimeZone & changed it to what I wanted.

answered 18 days ago

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