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Is there an index or API for icon set for programmatic use?


In the icon set at, specifically the asset package, I would like to have some sort of programmatically-usable index or API where I can look up a resource (etc) type and get an icon. Say I'm making a web page which lists a project's EC2 instances; it might be nice to show an instance family icon next to them, sized according to instance size. But with no JSON file (say) that says the EC2 r5 instance family icon is "Res_Amazon-EC2_R5-Instance_..." and the z1d instance family is "Res_Amazon-EC2_z1d-Instance_..." I'd need to build one myself, and that's likely to be incomplete, wrong, and never get updated when the icon set gets updated. Is there an index somewhere, or an API to the icon set, or something like that? Thanks!

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1 Answer

This would definitely be a great idea and something I'd love - but I don't think anything similar (official or not) exists.

Also, in my experience file naming is mostly consistent but there are a few outliers: capitalisation, abbreviations (EC2 is "Amazon-EC2" but S3 is "Amazon-Simple-Storage-Service") and split names don't seem to be consistent enough for a quick script to be made and index all available icons.

A good would be enough to publish stuff in an S3 bucket with consistent paths ie[somebucket]/services/[servicename]_[resolution].png for services and similar for sub-service icons (such as instance families).

I'll try and get hold of the branding team which owns the icon sets and see if they have ever gotten such a feature request already.

answered 10 months ago

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