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/Multicast support with a VPC and Transit Gateway (TGW)/

Multicast support with a VPC and Transit Gateway (TGW)


Customer is looking to deploy an application into a VPC (three subnets) and would like to enable multicast. As I understand it the VPC itself only supports unicast, however the TGW can act as a multicast router.

Am I correct that if the VPC is attached to a TGW, and then a multicast domain is created with the three subnets attached, then the customer will set the result they're after?

What are the cost implications of the set up?

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That's correct. You have to use a new TGW, enable multicast and create a multicast domain, you select the subnets to include in the multicast domain when you associate the VPC attachments. Create a multicast group and choose the ENIs (multicast senders). You also need to register members to the multicast group (multicast receivers).

Other considerations

As far as charges, in addition to the standard TGW attachment hourly charges and data processing per GB sent from VPC to the TGW, you also pay for each GB received by each instance that is a multicast receiver

answered 2 years ago

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