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Batch and Spot Interruptions


Customer is asking if their Batch job that execute on spot is interrupted due to spot price increasing beyond their threshold, will Batch resubmit the job when the spot price falls again, or will the customer have to manually resubmit?

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Accepted Answer

AWS Batch has a mechanism for job retry. Documentations here:

Some quote from the doc:

You can apply a retry strategy to your jobs and job definitions that allows your jobs to be automatically retried if they fail. Possible failure scenarios include:

Any non-zero exit code from a container job

Amazon EC2 instance failure or termination

Internal AWS service error or outage

When a job is submitted to a job queue and placed into the RUNNING state, that is considered an attempt. By default, each job is given one attempt to move to either the SUCCEEDED or FAILED job state. However, both the job definition and the job submission workflows allow you to specify a retry strategy with between 1 and 10 attempts. For more information, see Retry Strategy.

answered 4 years ago

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