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We have multiple teams in our organization. For each team we have created Individual tags, these tags were created when we create resource. Now i created 1 budget alert for 1 team, let's say they have Tag Name as NAME and value as ABC, i want to track on daily basis if it reaches threshold i should get alert. How ever currently i am not able to see any data on Budget dashborad (Daily costs history). I have selected for unblended costs.

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hi, Check Tag Configuration: Ensure that the tags you've set up for your resources are configured correctly. Verify that the tag name and value you're using to create the budget alert match the tags applied to the resources for the team in question (e.g., Tag Name: NAME, Tag Value: ABC).

Confirm Data Availability: Make sure that your cloud provider is providing cost data at the granularity you're expecting. Some providers may have delays in reporting data, so it's possible that the data for the current day might not be available immediately.

Verify Budget Alert Settings: Double-check the settings of your budget alert to ensure that it's configured correctly. Make sure that the threshold you've set for the budget alert is reasonable and that it aligns with your expectations for daily spending.

Check Budget Dashboard Filters: On the Budget dashboard, ensure that you've selected the appropriate filters to view the data for the team in question. Verify that you've selected the correct time range and that you're filtering by the correct tags (e.g., Tag Name: NAME, Tag Value: ABC).

Review Budget Permissions: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to view budget data for the team in question. Check your IAM (Identity and Access Management) settings to verify that you have the required permissions to access budget information.

Monitor for Data Over Time: If you've confirmed that the tags, budget alert settings, and permissions are configured correctly, monitor the Budget dashboard over time to see if the data starts populating. It's possible that there may be a delay in data availability or that there could be an issue with data reporting.

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answered 21 days ago
    1. Tag Configurations are correct.
    2. Review Budget Permission: I am IAM user and i have Admin access, also if i don't have access to view i am expecting to see "WARNINGS/ERRORS" saying i am unauthorized.
    3. I am cross checking in cost explorer with same tags hence i am pretty confident about tags and configurations.

I am able to fix the issue. So basically i am creating tags when creating resources. Now i am creating budget using terraform. There in the cost filter i am specifying as


But this is the expected format.

 cost_filter {
   name = "TagKeyValue"
   values = [
answered 20 days ago

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