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Connect Lightsail instance to AWS instance in a private subnet


Hi - I am trying to access Windows SQL server running in a private subnet in AWS from another Windows instance in Lightsail. There are multiple subnets in the same VPC, some are private and others are public. How can (only) allow Lightsail instance to access DBs in SQL server? Thanks

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Lightsail has a VPC peering feature.
However, you can only peer with the default VPC.

If you have an RDS resource other than the default VPC, you can place the NLB in front of the RDS and use the endpoint service to establish a connection route from the default VPC to the RDS with an IP address target.

I have successfully connected to Lightsail-> Endpoint on Default VPC-> NLB-> RDS with this configuration.

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answered 5 months ago

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