Amazon Cognito user pool LOGOUT endpoint is not working as expected


In Amazon Cognito Developer Guide - LOGOUT endpoint

It says the only required request parameter for logout endpoint is client_id

But when I call the logout endpoint with my client_id it is throwing an error Required String parameter 'redirect_uri' is not present (screenshot

This is the URL I used for logout https://<mydomain><my app client id> (I just redirected my web application to this URL for logout)

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When logging out of Cognito, I have had success using the following format:


In your Cognito User Pool, under the App Client settings, you will need to add the URL for your logged-out page in the "Sign out URLs" text box.

You can have your loggedout.html page redirect users to a different page if needed.

answered 2 years ago

Don't forget to urlencode "logout_uri" in a GET call if your framework isn't doing it for you (for example when testing from a browser manually).

For sending to https://locahost/ for example I did the following:

Also, adding to the current answer for clarity. The docs say EITHER: logout_uri OR redirect_uri are required. doc link

Logout_uri is used when sending back to a static logout page. redirect_uri is used to redirect to a page that can request login and maintain state. In that case things like "response_type" are also required.

answered 2 years ago

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